The feasibility study and advocacy campaign for the planned Caribbean Culture Fund is launching a logo competition and invites the submission of logo designs by eligible designers and artists. The winning logo will brand the initiative on its online and social media platforms as well as in print media.

About us: The feasibility study, which is also positioned as an advocacy campaign, represents the first major step towards establishing a culture fund that will serve the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora, with programs, projects, and funding support for arts and culture projects relevant to all artistic genres such as the visual and performing arts, feature and documentary film and photography, literature, festival arts, etc. The Caribbean Culture Fund is conceived along lines similar to other, well-established regional cultural funds such as the Arab Culture Fund. The feasibility study is facilitated by Le Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a storied cultural organization which has served the Haitian art world since its establishment in 1944 and supported by Open Society Foundations. Once established and operational, the Caribbean Culture Fund will operate as an independent non-profit organization, supported by a coalition of funders, large and small. It is anticipated that the Fund will be a transformative presence in the Caribbean cultural sector.

Our Vision: The Caribbean Culture Fund seeks to enable an innovative, inclusive, and socially transformative cultural ecology in the Caribbean and its diaspora, by supporting the arts and culture of the region in a manner which is respectful of tradition and cultural specificity and attuned to social and cultural change.

Industry: Arts and Culture, Philanthropy, Non-Profit

Use of Logo: The logo will be used in communications pertaining to the CCF Feasibility Study, including the website and social media, and in print and online media, for the purposes of fundraising, information, and advocacy.

The logo design should:

  • Feature the acronym CCF;
  • Reflect the vision of the CCF;
  • Signal Caribbean culture, without lapsing into visual and cultural stereotypes;
  • Be original;
  • Be simple, elegant, and contemporary;
  • Be easy to use and adapt to various scales and graphic contexts;
  • Format well to social media avatars (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

The winning logo will be selected by the CCF Steering Committee and a monetary prize of 500 USD will be awarded to the winning designer. A feature on the winning designer will also be posted to the new CCF website. The winning logo will become the intellectual property of CCF, which will be able to use the logo design without restrictions. The winning artist may however feature the winning logo in his/her portfolio. Once the competition is concluded, and the winner announced, CCF will retains no interest in the designs that were not selected, with the understanding that the Caribbean Culture Fund name, and its acronym, are the sole property of the Caribbean Culture Fund.

Eligibility: designers, artists (established, emerging, students) in the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora. Up to three logos may be submitted per person and this should be done as separate entries.

Submission deadline: July 15, 2021. The winner will be announced by July 23, 2021.

Technical specifications: The resolution should be 300 DPI and the design should fit in a 6 x 6” square. Please submit the logo design/s in the following formats: vector (AI or EPS), JPG and TIFF format (each in RGB (web) and CMYK (print) format). Each logo design submission should thus comprise 5 files in total.

Submit to: caribbeanculturefund@gmail.com (with “CCF logo competition submission” in the header. For larger file sizes please use WeTransfer). Please add a short bio and, if applicable, your website address.

For more information and queries, contact:  caribbeanculturefund@gmail.com